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    The Audio Special Documentary, Inayat's Song, is made possible by people like you

    In Memoriam - Tom Alter

    In Memoriam  

    Tom Alter (1950-2017) The great soul and consummate actor in over 300 films, recipient of the highest Indian Government Honor for his art, passed on September 29th.  It is a great loss for us at Sophia Unity Foundation, as we looked forward to hearing his voice many more times in telling the story of Hazrat Inayat Khan. We are thankful, however, that we have been blessed with his talent that has made "Inayat's Song" so memorable.

    In Gratitude  

    Toward The One  

    Wherever I turned for help in creating this love offering no one hesitated.  May this work prove worthy of Murshid who inspired it, and of Sarafil Bawa, his grandson who blessed my inspiration in its creation. To Murshid Ahmed Murad Chishti (Samuel Lewis) whose being called to me from a motion picture screen in 1971. To Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan whose gentle and powerful being never confirmed me in my many faults, To Hidayat Inayat Khan, who bounded up the steps to Fazil Manzil to help me learn about his sister, Noorunisa, to whom this effort is dedicated, and to all those kind mureeds over the years who have tolerated the one topic I have only talked about.  

    The great-great-grandsons and daughters, and nieces and nephews of Maulabakhsh who welcomed this American into their hearts many times into the ancestral home in Vadodara, India where Murshid Inayat Khan was born.  

    The Nekbakht, Suresnes, France, that supports the archives of all the photographic images of Inayat, and the original notes that are the basis for the collection of Hazrat Inayat Khan’s legacy of now 13 volumes of his talks. And those who have worked throughout the years as archivists. To these stalwart souls, we owe everything that speaks to us from the Sage.  


    To HuDost, whose over ten years of recordings of Heart Inspired music was contributed to the soundtrack and whose Inayat Khan poetry-inspired song to his Murshid was lovingly created to accompany Inayat’s meeting at age 21 of his Murshid Mohammed Sayeed Abu Hashim Madani in Hyderabad.  

    To Ustad Bahauddin Dagar Sahab, whose dedication to the vina, the instrument Inayat Khan played. He replied to my request without hesitation to provide the quality and vibration that lends authenticity to our story.  

    To Ustad Ghulam Nizami, whom I met at the Abode of the Message. He contributed two tracks from his recorded music that lend just the right musical coloration that moves the story along in the tradition of classical sitar melodies and Tablas.  

    To the Dagar Archives of Jaipur, whose Director Shaabana Dagar graciously licensed a melody recorded in a house concert of acclaimed uncle Fakhruddin Dagar’s Bhopali Dhrupad offering. May the Dagar Archives continue to serve and prosper.  

    And finally, to those souls who have loved me enough to hold my ego in the fire of their devotion until I was ready for the next step.  

    Crowdfunders like you are making Inayat's Song possible

    Thanks to the divine angels, friends, and family, who want to share the story of Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan to the World enough to support Sophia Unity Foundation in its quest to make the name of Inayat Khan and more importantly, that the Message of Love, Harmony, and Beauty is known worldwide. You are making this inner inspiration real in the outer.  

    And especially Oliver Dawdy, without whose wise counsel at every step of the way kept me on track. I want to share his admonitions, which may prove beneficial on your path: “Become the person you need to become” to accomplish your task; “Don’t Judge Yourself,” and finally, when you have invested a lot of time already and you are still not finished: ” Fill Yourself With Light - Work With Hope - You Will Succeed!”  

    Lakshmi Dawdy, Batinah Dawdy White, Daniel Dawdy, Sarfaraz Dawdy, Oliver Dawdy, Adriana Szyda, Ali-Hohn Chaudhari, Alita Giber, Andres Otero, Amina Fumagalli, Ali Doug Knott, Anne Peay, Apollo Gott, Ashoka Johnson, Ayeda Husain, Ayesha Goodrich, Betsy Langston, Catherine Chandra Bahar Watkins, Catherine Folkers, Charles Smith, Chekesha Love, Christopher Skelly, Cybele Paschke, Dakini Lynn Marlow, Daniel Ansari, Darakshan Farber, David Sharif, David and Victoria Strawn, Donna Burkat, Edward Levinson, Elizabeth Weber, Eric Mercer, Erica Burns, Erica Depaolo, Fatah Evans,Felicia Sharifa Norton, Henry Cretella, Helle Halsboe. Howard Segal, Humera Afridi, Inayat Leff, James Winner Arroyo, Jasmine Romanski, Jeanne Ickovits, Jehanara Wendy Tremayne, Judyth Reichenberg, Gail Foster, Joe Reisman, Karl Metzenberg, Karin Kirsch, Kay Lamos, Kay Vivian, Khaldun Mendel, Linda Evans, Lars Jacobsen, Loreto Messina,, Maarten van Leer, Maggie Isfandarmuz Hanna, Majid Buell, Majida Gibson, Malaikah Serrano. Malika Bierstein, Marjorie Rahima Hohlstein, Mary Anne Vila, Marion Love, Matthew Bansfield, Mina Lebitz, Molly Wender, Murshida Va, Nahid Williams, Nissa Blocher, Noor-Malika Chishti, Oscar Dawdy, R Ross, Rabia Povich, Rebecca Sadlon, Regina Dew, Richard Fischer, Richard Martin, Roland Stepan, Ruth Sharon, Salima Zimmerman, Saki Lee, Sandra Berry, Sara Jobin, Sarah Manolson, Shahabuddin Less, Sherry Griswold, Siakzar Moayedi , Sikander Von Heldt, Steven & Lynette Barr, Susan Rupp, Tajalli Roselli, Wahhab & Batina Sheets, William Van Buren, Yusuf Leo Schuman, and of course, those whose names are anonymous, but whose effect is felt nonetheless in the seen and unseen worlds. And whether you supported My Heart’s Song or not, but because you are…  

    “May The Blessings of God Rest Upon you;  

    May God’s Peace Abode with You;  

    May God’s Presence Illuminate your Hearts,  

    Now, and Forever More.” - Hazrat Inayat Khan

    Click here to take you to the free download (donations appreciated) and to the 2 CD Wallet of the Six episode Inayat's Song. My Heart's Song is the title of a documentary to be produced.

    Click here to take you to the free download (donations appreciated) and to the 2 CD Wallet of the Six episode Inayat's Song. My Heart's Song is the title of a documentary to be produced.