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Urs of Hazrat Inayat Khan-- February 5th -- Prophecy Day 

 Prophecy Day

February 5th

Celebrating the Urs of Hazrat Inayat Khan in Delhi, February 5th

He came to help humanity along. (1882 - 1927)


The Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him and his family proclaimed himself the seal of the prophets. But not of prophecy which is an activity of God, and continues to be poured forth in mercy and compassion for our human existence. NO MORE COWBOY and COWGIRL HEROS! Those in the false prophet racket will be disappointed, but WHAT'S NEXT? 

The individual dots of the prophets form a single line describing a circle. Join together in the spirit of prophecy and work now for the unity of all. Sincerity is the secret and sitting silent, walking silently in nature--your own sacred natural in-breath. Then we can act as One. We are One. We are physically made from stardust, and spiritually of the unseen. 

We have been given the new paradigms. About 80 percent of who we are is Unseen, dark matter! And we can envision the external world as VIRTUAL REALITY. When we take off the goggles of this reality we find it to have been virtual. Playing this game is bound to bring about the destruction of its own "reality." The soul is not impressed. But it has learned something. We have the free will to take off the goggles now or have them taken off at the time of ceasing to affect this "REALITY" any more. They are correct who say there is nothing after death, no more of this, but this "nothing" is so much more, so much more! Or as Pir Vilayat said; "Die before "Death" and Resurrect now! Or as they say in the infomercials, "But wait! There's more!"






When drinking, drink only the Best! 

21st Century Sufi Practice

100 times a day

Click on a smartphone for new messages.

(advanced practice)

Whenever smartphone rings with new input, breathe in

Allah, Breathe out United with all.

Continue practice until it becomes first nature instead of second nature.


Hardships alone do not in themselves awaken spirituality 

Despite his nearly superhuman efforts to rise above the demands of ordinary life, Buddha ultimately discovered that those kinds of hardships did not in themselves catalyze spiritual awakening. Yet there is a symbolic wisdom to be found in the pattern of his life story, When consciousness is lifted beyond the vantage point of the individual ego, It becomes cosmic. -- Pir Vilayat Khan in "Awakening"


So too in the life story of Hazrat Inayat Khan.

Blissful State of Ecstacy 

My interest in Sufism made me very friendly with the dervishes. I learned to love the sweetness of their nature and the innate perfume of their manner of using music as the food of the soul. 

I began at first to imitate their habits and methods, and spent a few hours in silence every day. 

Once in a dream I saw a great gathering of prophets, saints, and sages, all clad in their Sufi garments, rejoicing in the Sama, or music of the dervishes. I was absorbed into their blissful state of ecstasy, and when I was aroused I still felt the exultation my vision and brought to me. 

After this I heard continually, waking or sleeping, an unknown voice which cried to me, 'Allah ho Akbar!,' God is great!

--Chapter Five, Confessions of Inayat Khan, Volume XII

Dervish and the Living Christ 

The teaching of Christ will be found among the dervishes; indeed, not just the teaching, but His life also. If you wished to see a living example of Christ's life you could see it among the dervishes, for among them you will find some who have taken the vow of poverty and chastity, as in the most ancient times. There is no sort of compulsion about it. They do not have to follow this life. It depends on whether they wish to follow the Christian life. So you can find the Christ-life in the dervish. Wherever you travel in India or Persia, whenever you meet a dervish, you will see the same kind of life that Christ lived.--Hazrat Inayat Khan in Volume VII of the Sufi Message Volumes.