Fund Raising Key to Completion of the Feature Movie: My Heart’s Song

The editor and co-director Julie R Rackow and I are continuing to refine the Motion Picture and now working to streamline the third and final act. Each day brings new revelations in this creative process. And we are also shifting to the distribution of the feature with the help of Sharecropper Entertainment, the brainchild of Omar Kaczmarczyk and Hicks, a veteran of media placement in the entertainment industry.

The vehicle is The non-profit Sophia Unity Foundation whose purpose is to spread the Message of Unity and Spiritual Liberty worldwide. All contributions are tax deductible for U.S. Federal income tax purposes. We aim to sound the keynote that will tune all people to the level the world needs to overcome the avarice and greed that is plunging our earth into darkness.  We aim to shed light where there is now darkness.

Toward the One,

The Perfection of Love, Harmony, and Beauty,

The Only Being, United with all the illuminated Souls

who form the embodiment of the Master, the Spirit of Guidance.

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Ganesh range

Delhi Durbar, celebration on the occasion of Queen Victoria becoming Empress of India, 1877
XTD68237 Delhi Durbar, celebration on the occasion of Queen Victoria becoming Empress of India, 1877 by Caddy, Alexander (19th century); Private Collection; out of copyright



The Skylight above the meditation room in Inayat’s ancestral home in Vadodara


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We are in the final stages of Editing and bringing this High Definition Feature length motion picture to the world. You can help!

Video Clip of My Heart’s Song


It has been a rewarding three and a half year process of researching, writing and rewriting, travel through India for four months on the trail of Inayat’s youth. Return to India for more HD video, and collecting images from libraries and the family of Inayat khan, then to Paris for the archives and the wonderful help of the archivist Anne-Louis Wirgman. And months of editing with Julie Rackow in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

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My time has been a wonderful gift to myself and the Message of Inayat Khan so needed in the world today. But some things cost money, and these finall stages need about $1,000 for polishing the product so that it is worthy of the subject, an astounding Sufi master.

Please help finish this project. Reserve an advance copy for $15 and donate whatever you can (IRS tax deductible 501(c)3 Sophia Unity Foundation, a charitable institution whose purpose it is to bring the Message of Inayat Khan to a world way out of balance.

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David Amin Dawdy

Final stage of editing My Heart’s Song

VerticalHorseMurshid copy My Heart’s Song follows the young Sufi Master from birth until he arrives in New York October 25th, 1910 with his brother Mahbood and cousin Muhammed Ali.

HuDost Streams live May 11 from Music City Roots The Featured song From My Heart’s Song – The Movie

TO MY MURSHID the new song by Moksha and HuDost will be aired live on Music City Roots.


Put it on your calendar. You can listen in wherever you are.

May 11, Wednesday night 7 p.m. CT From Nashville.


HuDost and Sophia Unity Foundation are proud to announce the final mastering today of the single TO  MY MURSHID. The song was written by Moksha Sommer, and produced by Ms. Sommer and Jemal Wade Hines of HuDost for the motion picture My Heart’s Song to be released in the summer of 2016.

MY HEART’S SONG details the journey of a young man from the velvet prison of a successful family of classical musicians, learning the price necessary —including a broken heart—to find true freedom. Born at a time of great change brought on by technical innovation and in a country reeling from a century of colonial rule bent upon its cultural degradation, Inayat Khan has to learn how to walk on the turbulent waters that have led to global warming and rampant commercialism.

According to writer-producer Amin Dawdy, “There is something in this story of the path of Sufi Murshid (master) Hazrat Inayat Khan, which should find a place in the heart of all who struggle heroically in their own lives.”

In writing the song Murshid, Sommer wished to address the type of quest and spiritual seeking that defies the passage of time and is as relevant now as it was when Inayat Khan was alive. The song combines her own lyrics and words by Inayat Khan that he wrote to his teacher. Sommer and Hines crafted the arrangement of the song in production to dance around this timeless quality. About the piece, Sommer states, “This work acknowledges that it is in the humble process of seeking the teaching from a master that the teacher within ourselves that was lying dormant awakens.”

MY HEART’S SONG : The Early Life of Sufi Hazrat Inayat Khan is in post productio

Biographical background of Sufi Hazrat Inayat Khan.

After training as a classical Indian musician (Baroda 1882 – Delhi 1927) Inayat Khan at age 21 found a Sufi Teacher, Sayeed  Abu Hashim Madani in Hyderabad, and in 4 years was recognised as a master in his own right. Sensitive to the changing world conditions even at 28, he traveled to America and settled first in England, then France which he made his home.  After first World War he worked tirelessly to bring the Message of Love, Harmony, and Beauty to a world crying out for a new dharma as the old order was decaying rapidly. His organisation published 12 volumes of his lectures and a complete course office teachings to bring not uniformity but unity to a shattered world. More can be learned about his teachings at: or


HuDost, the Neo-Folk-World-Rock ensemble, is a genre-spanning ensemble whose music elicits tears and laughter, stoking that nameless longing which abides somewhere in all our hearts. Core musicians Moksha Sommer and Jemal Wade Hines have extensively toured North America and Europe since 2006. The Montreal- and KY-based couple are equally comfortable performing at mainstream events (Bonnaroo, Floydfest) and at yoga festivals and spiritual retreat centers (Bhakti Fest, Kripalu, Omega). They have opened for Ani DiFranco, Philip Glass and Snatam Kaur, recorded with Jon Anderson of YES, and worked with Grammy-winning producer Malcolm Burn (Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris) and mixer Oz Fritz (Tom Waits, Primus). Sufi Kirtan is HuDost’s seventh album and comes just five months after the release of The Word is…, a collaboration with Steve Kilbey, of the Australian post-punk band The Church. Sufi Kirtan has received rave reviews across the board and is currently up for a Juno.

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I wanted to make a movie about Inayat Khan

Inayat Khan - Age 10

One night in 1983, the same year I organized a retreat near Death Valley for Pir Vilayat Khan for the Los Angeles Sufi Order Center (Now the Inayati Order), I was awakened out of deep sleep at about 4 in the morning.

Inayat Khan, the Murshid who brought the wisdom of Sufism to the West in 1910, appeared to me as a clean shaven young man, and I heard a voice, as if it was coming from the back of my head .He said: “Tell my story.” The face that appeared to me was just few years older than this one in which the future Pir-O-Murshid (leader of a Sufi Order) was just 12. That was the year he left home with a pal to start his own music school just like the one his grandfather ran!

As the father of three children of my own at the time and being very early on the path to Sufi Wisdom and after a forth child, a lot of  La Illah, I have gotten to il Allah Hu and with the help of many contributors gotten the project to within a few months of completion. There is a right time for everything, and technology has progressed to the point now, in 2016, that the distribution of such a project has never been easier.  2017 is the 90th URS of Hazrat Inayat Khan

When I was a film student at UCLA in 1967 it was almost impossible to get an independent motion picture distributed. Now, with the uploading of the project, it can be made available worldwide almost instantaneously.

As I have researched and written the screenplay over the last four years, Inayat Allah Khan’s heart’s song has become my song and that song more than ever needs to be heard around the world: it is one of the Unity of Religious Ideals,  many paths but one Goal to be found, if anywhere, in the human heart. It is indeed a journey Toward The One.  Aren’t there enough movies? Evidently not, dear friends, God is making me.

Amin in india
In February 2014 I joined the traffic in Vadodara, India, the British colonial spelling:Baroda, India where Inayat Khan was born and went to school.

I had gathered all of the biographical data I could on Inayat khan; the official biography; Pages in the Life of A Sufi by Inayat’s youngest brother Musharaff; Rays by Kismet Stam, The Message in our Time by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan; Hazrat Inayat Khan: Master of Life, Sufi Mystic by Wil van Beek; A Pearl in Wine, Essays  edited by Pir Zia Inayat Khan; Inayat Khan by Elisabeth deJong-Keesing; Confessions (1915) ;  Interview  in Leeds, 10 June 1919 reported by Dr.O.C.Gruner (early initiate and research scientist) ; and stories gleened by reading the 12 Message volumes of his lectures in which anecdotes were shared from Inayat’s early life.  There is as yet no definitive biography.

My love of research learned in preparing essays in High School, and gaining a History from the University of California, Riverside in the area of Ancient Greek History was something helpful from the past which was useful in this project. Working as a journalist and photographer in the summers during college are also skills that have been called on.

Looking  into Inayat Khans early years prompted me to begin writing songs myself, and somehow gave me courage to stand on stage on open mic nights in Portland Oregon during 2012-13.