Inayat’s Song: The Odyssey of the First Sufi Teacher to the West

Muhammed Ali called his books the best in the world. Inayat Khan’s  Mysticism of Sound and Music is a companion to serious musicians around the world. John Coltrane wore out his copy after a year on the road. 
Veteran actor Tom Alter voices Inayat’s words. Rekha Bhimani narrates his story. Ustad Ghulam Nizami, Ustad Bahauddin Dagar, and contemporary artists HuDost, Bisan Toron, Fareed Ayaz and Abu Muhammed have contributed their support and music to underscore the vibrant story.

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“Each being bears the Divine Source in himself, and the evolution of man has now prepared him for the Kingdom which is within…if you will find God anywhere, you will find God in the heart of man.”— Inayat Khan

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INAYAT’S SONG: What would it be like to remain a voice and not an echo?

Experience the interplay of story and music in the First Episode of The Six Part Audio Special Inayat’s Song.

“the Sufi produces his ideal vision in his imagination, by the help of music. In the Qawwali the nature of love, lover, and beloved is expressed. In this the poetry of the Sufi excels the love poems known to the world, for in it is revealed the secret of love, lover and beloved, the three in one. Apart from the philosophy of the whole being, one can see the delicacy and complexity of their poems, rich with conventions and adorned with metaphor. Hafiz, Rumi, Jami, and many others among the Sufi poets have expressed the secret of the inner and outer being in the terminology of love. The Qawwals, the singers, sing these verses distinctly, so that every word may become clear to the hearers, that the music may not hide the poetry; and the tabla players who accompany the singers emphasize the accents and keep the rhythm even, so that the being of the Sufi, already set to music, joins with the rhythm and harmony of the music. On these occasions the condition of the Sufi becomes different. His emotional nature at this time has its full play” — Inayat Khan.


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‘My Heart’s Song’ is the odyssey of the Sufi musician and mystic Hazrat Inayat Khan. Soon available is a mini-series audio documentary and a double album featuring performances by Ghulam Farid Nizami, Bahauddin Dagar, Fakruddin Dagar, Farid Ayaz, Abu Muhammed, and the music of HuDost. Watch for the video series release.

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The Skylight above the meditation room in Inayat’s ancestral home in Vadodara

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It has been a rewarding three and a half year process of researching, writing and rewriting, travel through India for four months on the trail of Inayat’s youth. Return to India for more HD video, and collecting images from libraries and the family of Inayat khan, then to Paris for the archives and the wonderful help of the archivist Anne-Louis Wirgman. And months of editing with Julie Rackow in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

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